Sites to See in St. Thomas

St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands is a great place for an island vacation. St. Thomas has much to offer its visitors including a great climate. You can spend a day exploring the Coral World Ocean Park. You can visit Bluebeards Castle which is locat

St. Thomas is one of the U.S. Virgin Islands and when you visit S. Thomas, you can explore the  18th century city by walking up or down the 99 steps.  You can view the four, canons and watchtowers.  You can learn about the local history at museums and historic houses.

If you want to get a beautiful view of St. Thomas you can drive to the top of the highest mountain on the island.  You can also stop at the famous Drakes Seat for a fantastic view of Magen Bay.  There are good guided tours you can take or you can go exploring on your own.  There is a tram you can take to Paradise Point.  You can also take a submarine ride to explore the marine park which is great.

You can take one of  the Virgin Island Ecotours of St. Thomas Mangrove Lagoon Wildlife Sanctuary and Marine Preserve.  This is necessary take tour and you will really enjoy it.  You can explore the Mangroves using a kayak and you can explore clear lagoons and a deserted tropical island with hermit crab races and the famous Red Point blow-hole.  You can snorkel in an underwater paradise.

You can kayak from Frenchtown to Historic Hassel Island in the Virgin Islands National Park.  You can paddle past Danish and British Colonial ruins and Careening Cove.  A ten-minute hike will take you to Fort Willoughby, which is a British Fort from the Napoleon era.  You can visit the Garrison House and the Creque Marine Railway.  You can kayak to a secluded and beautiful beach offering a choice of snorkeling with colorful marine life.

You can spend a day at Coral World Ocean Park.  It is one of St. Thomas’s greatest attractions.  You can get close to the beauty of Caribbean marine life.  You can see life on a coral reef from the Undersea Observatory.  You can pet a shark; feed a stingray or a rainbow Lorikeet.  There are many gift shops, cafes and shower facilities.  There are also Sea Lion activities, Sea Trek Helmet Drive, Scuba Diving, Shark and Turtle Encounters.

Paradise Point has a new Daily Carnival Show including sensation Teel Pan, Moko Jumbos, Limbo Dancers and Fire Shows.

Bluebeards Castle is located on Bluebeards Hill east of Charlotte Amalie.  They say the structure was built by the pirate Bluebeard for his love Mercedita.  This is just and Island story.  The Danes built the stone tower around 1689 as a watchtower to help defend Fort Christian.  The fort was called Fredrik’s Fort when it was constructed.  The tower is now part of Bluebeards Castle Hotel.  Fredericksburg is also part of the hotel.

There are many more places to see and visit on St. Thomas and you will want to see them all.


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