A Cruise Vacation to Hell

Not many people can say that they've been on a cruise vacation, and went to hell and back. The town of Hell is located in Grand Cayman, and a shore excursion booked from the cruise line, can take you there. Grand Cayman gives you the opportunity to visit

Grand Cayman now has a section of land, that use to be beneath the shoreline, which is now known as a town that they call Hell. It was named after the formations of rock that have formed along the shoreline.

Even though the area is small, many tourists that visit Grand Cayman, use their time ashore, visiting this quaint area of rock formation, which consists of limestone and dolomite. It has an appearance of lava rock, which are now extended up from the ground.  The produced phytokarst will no longer be destroyed by algae, since the formations are now above the ground, which makes them now suspended in time.

During your tour to Hell, you will pass the town’s well-known Seven Mile Beach. It actually looks very similar to many of the beaches in the Caribbean. Don’t plan on spending much time at the beach if you take the tour to hell, because it’s more of a stop, look, and let’s leave portion of the tour. Once you get to the town of Hell, there will be a small post office, where you can send yourself a postcard back home. This will be your proof that you’ve been to hell and back.

Make sure you put on your walking shoes for this tour, and don’t forget your camera. There’s lots of things to take photos of, during your adventure to this small town.

Shore excursions from the cruise line usually offer a tour called, Cayman Underwater Observatory & Island Tour, which gives you the opportunity to see these rock formations at a distance by the use of two observation areas. The tour will occupy approximately 3 hours of your time, so make sure you bring water with you, because it can get very hot in Hell. We chose to book our shore excursion through the cruise line. This way if anything was delayed, the ship would have to wait for us. No one wants to get stranded in a foreign town, while the ship leaves without them.

Some tourists refer to the town of Hell as a tourist trap. We’re the type of people that enjoy getting off the ship, taking a walk, and seeing things we’ve never seen before. Overall, our visit was interesting, but I’d have to say that one time is enough. I’ve now been there, done that, and will move on to the next destination.

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